Impact of Cannabis Vertical Growing Systems

Vertical grow concept has been an issue over the minds of the cannabis cultivators for several years. The design is easy to understand being compared to the traditional horizontal style through in the first instance it can be quite complicated. Many cultivators often wonder whether the method is beneficial or it is just cumbersome.

As the name suggests, the vertical growing system gets their name as the lighting is hung vertically. The plants are then arranged around a pillar of illumination. The vertical growing system is a technology that many have so far reaped from and can attest of the many benefits of the process.

The growing setup from allows the growers to be able to maximize the available height within the designated growing space and limit the need to be in contact with the source of energy. Through this, you are able to make the scattered bouncing off the reflective rays making it a non-issue to the growing plants. The format of growing even from the appearance is space and cost saving. Instead of using the space horizontally, you grow the plants on the vertical basis meaning you can grow so many plants over a very small piece of land. Another benefit to the vertical growing system is the short vegetative time that is necessary for the cutting.

One of the greatest pitfalls of the vertical growing approach in the terms of commercial scalability number of the required cuttings. Most of the commercial systems for the vertical growth of cannabis have enough space to accommodate hundreds of clones. To ensure that they are able to grow the direction of the light without any destruction, the cuttings are well spaced. This comes with an added benefit to the plants since if it’s done on the most appropriate dimension, the plant is able to direct its energy through the production of a dominant high potency cola. The short vegetative time required for the cuttings is another factor that is able to blend perfectly with the growth of the cannabis in the vertical growing mechanism. There are many transplants and the move to flowering really fast.

The system from is easy to set up. The vertical systems can be set up in less than an hour these are plug and play sort off where some of these models are available in the market with their own grow tent.

The model presents a better way of energy and electricity consumption. It has been designed to accommodate more plants through the comparatively small area. Check out this website at for more info about cannabis.


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